I had planned to do Me Made May this year – a challenge to wear handmade clothing every day for a whole month – but I suspect this will be either logistically impossible or I’ll just end up wearing the same thing over and over because (a) I don’t have that many me-mades for any given season yet and (b) I’ve got a lot of travelling I’m doing and rehearsal sessions and so on, so what I wear needs to be dictated by what I’m doing rather than just being able to choose to wear whatever.

So I think I’m going to do my own version of Me Made May. Yes, there’s a lot on, but I’m also past a major deadline and desperately need some new clothes, so my challenge to myself is to make one garment for each of the five weeks in this month. Not one per week (because travel) but with the aim of having 5 new things to wear by the time we get to June. Mostly I’ve got this pretty planned out because:

  • I’ve nearly finished the fitting adjustments to the Inari Tee Dress pattern and should be able to cut this out tomorrow (from the eye-bleeding striped fabric that’s the featured image for this post) –> read about my perfect PhD dress here
  • I desperately need a couple of spring tops – I have the fabric and these are just going to be elbow-sleeve Union Street Tees (again)
  • I’ve a friend’s wedding happening at the beginning of June and I’d LOVE to have something new to wear to that. Thinking maybe the Lilou dress from Love at First Stitch?

So that’s four things, only one of which (now that Inari is basically done) will require fitting adjustments to be made, and then there’d just be one more, which could be something like a cardigan, or even another t-shirt because you can never have too many t-shirts, right? Or I might cheat and just sort out the buttonhole I need to make on my Nita Wrap Skirt – that started as a snap, but it never held tight enough and then came off so I’m thinking a buttonhole on the inside is a better way to go. I’ve now procrastinated on this for about a year, I think, so it’s a worthy thing to have finished in time for summer.

So there’s my challenge. I’m hoping I don’t immediately let myself down on this, but I’m not going to stress myself out over it either (so not actually going to register on the Me Made May site) – this year’s been far too stressy enough already!

Wish me luck?

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