Black Papercut Rise turtleneck

Not so little black top

It’s taken a few weeks for me to get around to posting this top. Principally because I kept wearing it. It went from being worn to being washed to being worn again, in quick succession, and never finding the time to actually take the photos. Today it’s been worn again, but at least the camera was already set up from another project, so in the 15 minutes between walking in the door and starting dinner, I snapped these.

So first up: yes, it seems that black is as hard to photograph as people say it is! Everything just blends together so you can’t really see what’s going on. Sorry about that. On the plus side, I’m planning to make several more of these, so at least one of them should be in a more helpful colourway.

Because I absolutely love this top. For the first time in my life I feel like neither a blob nor a skank. Thanks to the glory of the FBA and the resultant extra 4 inches of space in front, it fits in the shoulders and skims everything else. Next time round I’ll be making a slight narrow shoulder adjustment because – like every top I’ve ever owned – it’s a little wide but my goodness all the rest of it makes a huge difference.

I apologise for the next photo’s peculiar attitude but it actually shows a bit better how the top sits when I’m wearing it like a normal person instead of leaning awkwardly against a sideboard.

Papercut Rise turtleneck

What I do want to specifically mention here because it seems to be something that the interwebs hint at but most people say is unnecessary: bust darts in a stretch top. Pretty much every post and article I’ve seen says either that you don’t need an FBA with stretch fabrics because they, well, stretch. Or it tells you how to rotate the excess out so you get the FBA but no dart. But there comes a point beyond which these are just impractical options, so I am delighted to say that bust darts in a stretch top are REVELATORY. Yes, the fabric stretches – but it doesn’t have to just to go around me – it stretches when I need it to for easy movement. Perfect.

Papercut Rise turtleneck

Also, as with the Papercut Fall turtleneck top, this sews up super-quickly. I’ve made this one in a black (obv) viscose/lycra jersey from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham. I think this sort of lightweight jersey works really well for this top, as it doesn’t really for the Fall which I feel needs a bit more structure.

So now on to learning about shoulder adjustments…

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