Spiced apple ebelskivers

CP2016 – Day 8: Decisions

Today I’ve focused on picking out some sounds to work with in the computer part for this piece. I’ve gathered a small collection – again, I don’t want to try to include too much material, but I have a few variants on a tinkly, silvery sound which I recorded a while back, and some location recordings which I might manipulate into something else. The only one I’m sure about is the tinkly, silvery sound though (recorded by tinkling a silver necklace around inside a wineglass) and I’m now thinking more about how to combine it with the cello sound and what to use as a trigger.

At the moment I’m thinking about exploring the possibilities of relative amplitude as a trigger – sample the volume from the start of the piece and trigger … something… when it increases by, say, 20%? Something like that. I’m sure it’s possible, just need to work out how and what the cello’s going to be doing to set off this increase in amplitude.

So not a huge amount of progress today, but it feels good to be back having actual thoughts and not totally confined to quarters anymore.

[Header image is today’s Project365 photo of the spiced apple ebelskivers I made for our houseguest’s breakfast today 🙂 ]

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