CP2016 – Day 10: Failure

Isn’t it great that failure can be progress? Hurrah! Hurrah! It’s the joy of creative endeavours that even when all is total disaster you can still chalk it up as a win.

Today I (tried and) failed to sort out how to determine the starting volume of the cello part. Having trouble getting my head around the logic, possibly in part due to massive day-long tension headache, but also I suspect I’m just out of practice with this stuff (which means I need to get back into it). The patch is recording sound from before the piece starts, but how do I ensure that Max knows when the actual piece starts?

Anyway, I’m sure I could work it out eventually, but I’m on a deadline, and I arranged a skill-swap with the amazing Ben Corrigan a little while back with this piece in mind, so along with my failure, what I’ve achieved today is to ask for help. Isn’t the creative life wonderful?

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