Project 365: A good day

I’m really pleased with how my photos from yesterday turned out. I mean, yes, Bath does make it easy to find nice shots – and all the more so when you factor in both Bath Spa University’s Capability Brown-landscaped Newton Park campus and the town itself, but I felt I managed a really nice set of well-framed photos, and was pleased with the filter choices I made too.

Bath Spa University sheep

Bath Abbey - above the heads of tourists

Umbrella installation, Bath

Sewing’s on a bit of a pause right now – I have some projects lined up (Nita Wrap Skirt pattern is almost pieced together and ready for tracing, I’ve bought the Sewaholic Alma pattern and will probably buy some fabric for that today, Runaround Bag pattern is ready to go and yesterday I bought a button for it, but I need to finish and dismember the failed Megan dress before I start that) but now that my laptop’s been fixed and upgraded I’m needing to spend some time getting back into work and not just tinkering with needle and thread half the day. However, the things I’ve sewn already are making a big difference to my wardrobe options already, and all of them getting plenty of wear – hurrah!

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