Day 3: A niggling compulsion

I think all this listening is paying off. I’m starting to feel a niggling compulsion to start plinking about at the piano. It’s very slight at the moment (the fact that I’m currently listening to Christopher Rouse & Tan Dun guitar concerti and enjoying them is preventing me from turning off the music and writing my own instead) but I think it’s building. Maybe tomorrow there’ll be some notes…

I’m leaning towards actually doing something (*gasp!*) on a piece called Sonnets which I’ve been meaning to write for the Chapel Hill Duo for about a year and a half but kept not getting around to. But the concept has stuck in my brain and I think I need to do something with it, even if just to test it.

There’s a certain temptation to just write something for myself, but while I do want to expand my own performing, I feel that’s a backwards step right now. I have these amazing and keen performer-friends – I need to keep writing for them! Somehow it seems harder to get back in touch and ask them for a little time to sight-read some stuff than when I’d run into them at college every day, but simply because it IS harder, I obviously need to do it.

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