Days 13 & 14 – reading

And now that I’m home, suddenly the iPad WordPress app has started working again. Hmm. So I posted the post I wrote 2 days ago, but I didn’t have one for yesterday and today’s been quite similar, so am just lumping them together.

Given that I’ve spent the past two days with friends at an airshow, all I’ve been able to do has been read, really. Rather than lug the enormous Thames & Hudson book around for two days though, I’ve started in on the considerably smaller but still not exactly light Digital and Video Art by Florence de Méredieu. It does cover much the same ground as the T&H book, but the author’s approach is different enough that I think they actually complement each other quite well. De Méredieu’s book consists of central content (I’m still on historical bits) while individual artists get a page or two of break-out content, and particular terms or technologies are given explanations in little boxes so as not to clutter the flow of historical information.

Tomorrow I’ll be back into Max/MSP, which I’m SO happy about – cant wait to be messing with code again!

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