Day 29: Assistance

So yesterday I caved and begged for assistance and the wonderful, knowledgeable, talented and helpful Justin Capps responded. It’s still a work in progress, but he spotted right off that I’d missed feeding anything into the left inlet of one of my zl nth objects, which was why at one point the list of possible values stopped being reduced (it’s supposed to reduce by 1 every time a value is chosen at random, so there aren’t duplicate values as there’s no point playing the same sound file twice) and instead decided to go back to the original list. So that’s fixed. Hurrah! But it’s still doing odd things like spitting out 11 values when there should be 2 and duplicating values where it shouldn’t be able to.

So apart from that, I’ve gone back to working on video improvisations. I made two improvisations today from the Dirty Lines patch and have settled on the first of these two as the final version. It’s perhaps a little long (although rewatching it after a break to look at code and watch a couple of episodes of A Town Called Eureka I’m less uncomfortable about the length) but there are a whole heap of moments of (I feel) real beauty, and the right balance of controlled/elegant/serene and glitchy/mad/broken that I was looking for. So I’m going with it.



And tomorrow (well, today) is the last day of Creative Pact. Clearly I’m not going to manage to compile all this stuff, but I’m planning on at least having finalised all seven sections’ source material and documenting final progress on the compilation patch.

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