Day 19 – more plodding

Not really much to report today – more of the same. I’ve got about 50 pages to go of the Digital and Video Art book and this evening have been working on the compilation patch while watching a silly 80s romcom (Overboard, if you must know. It’s a sick-day fave. Yes, I’m showing my age. No, I never fancied Kurt Russell). It’s making progress, but nothing worth showing yet.

I did decide to chop the structure patch up a bit, so that’s now just working out which sound/video file to play next and what the minimum duration is and spitting these out as a list for the next part. It was working fine until I tidied it into presentation mode and now for some reason the random thing isn’t working and it’s just showing either the number of the file chosen to play first until it gets to the last trigger point when it shows the number of the file chosen to play last. aargh.

But other than that it’s doing OK. The logic is (was) all happening so I just need to take a step back and work out what’s gone wrong. Beginning to have niggling doubts about whether I can get this finished how I want it in the time available, but I’ll keep at it. I’m enjoying the work and I’m really interested to see whether this approach produces anything worthwhile or just a mess.

And it just occurred to me that as the sections proceed it’s going to need to add in more files to play simultaneously and my head really doesn’t want to wrap around that one tonight. More Lemsip please?

(update: and have made another 3 improvisations on the white noise stuff)

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