Day 12 – train-reading

Big day today with four friends’ final recitals at Blackheath, running from 10 til 5.30 with chatting-gaps in between, then train to Cambridge where I am now, so time to work on CP stuff has been rather limited. So I took what time I had and read some more of the Thames & Hudson Video Art book on the train. I’m about halfway through this book and finding it very interesting, although the further I get into it the more obvious the limitations of writing a history of video art on paper become. The photographs are great, and there’s a whole range of representative screenshots and installation photos, but it does become a bit of a list of people and works that I feel I’ll need to track down later in some medium that has actual y’know… video.

Still, well worth reading as an introduction and I’ve had all sorts of ideas for possible pieces that aren’t this piece.

Bed now. Apparently we have to leave at 7am because we don’t actually have tickets for the Airshow and they are likely to sell out. 7am. LOL. Oh dear…

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