Day 10: Inspiration-hunt

Wow. Ten days in already! My arm’s very sore today post-osteopath trip yesterday, so I’ve been a bit limited in what I can do without it aching unbearably. I did attempt another couple of improvisations, but I’m not at all happy with them and they made everything hurt, so I decided to take a slightly different tack. I started reading my newly arrived video art book last night when sleep was eluding me, and today I thought it might be a good, limb-friendly thing to explore what sort of things other people are doing with Max/MSP. The Cycling74 website has proved a great source of interesting projects and I’m collating a bunch of links to things I find inspirational using this software here:,maxmsp

In particular I am loving Toni Dove and Pamela Z‘s work, both of whom I discovered through the latest post on the Cycling74 blog.

Need to rest the errant limb now.

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