Coming down

Today has been a little bit “back to reality” after the joy that was the Fourth Plinth event on Thursday night. In spite of a slight scheduling panic which saw a couple of pieces unfortunately truncated and the beginning of my Lines of Sight a little overwhelmed, the whole night, I think, was a raging success. All the pieces worked really well, the space is fantastic, and David’s & my programme was not only admired but also turned out to be comprehensible. WIN!

Top all that off with drinks at the ICA bar afterwards with the whole class, getting rather drunk on red wine and all of us singing along at the tops of our voices to Andreas’ accompaniment on the piano accordion (everything from “Toreador” to “I Will Survive” and beyond!) and it rather made the prospect of a normal day today seem extremely tame, so I was glad to be heading into college for a meeting in spite of dire snow warnings and general chilliness.

I didn’t get as much done today as I’d hoped – which now makes it, I think, 3 days since I last worked on the Ansel Adams piece – but progress happened – we now have a plan and a poster for Rude Health (did the poster this evening in 3 variants – just waiting for the votes to come in as to which we use), I found a great Elliott Carter quote which I’m going to use in the tape part for my Rude Health piece (and recorded myself saying it several times), did a little viol practice and recorded myself playing an assortment of peculiar sounds on the viol, of which I’m sure my teacher would not approve 😀

Given the weather, it seems I’m to be trapped at home for the duration of the weekend, which is a shame – really would have preferred to go into college because I generally get more done there – but I have my plan: Tape part for the Rude Health piece to be finished tomorrow, graphic score on Sunday, more work done on Ansel Adams at some point because I need to have the piece finished and first draft orchestration done by the end of next weekend, according to my plan. Time is getting scarily tight on this one!

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