Advent Calendar: 35

Today’s been rather frustrating! Cold is slowly improving, but today I’ve just felt stuffy, unmotivated and unmusical. Also VERY unfocused. And I bought a book on willpower, which I think says something!

At any rate, progress has been made on Fear of Falling, although so far from being finished today, it’s actually shorter than yesterday – now 4’29”. But that last bit that I was concerned I’d have to delete has been compacted and thickened up so it’s more continuing-towards-a-grand-finale rather than development-got-lost. I tried moving it earlier in the piece, but that didn’t work, but this approach seems much better.

It feels quite strange to be working on something which is so texturally thick (for me, anyway) but it’s kind of what this piece wants, I think. And a good thing too as I’ve got an entire orchestra to play around with. Now I have to think up an ending but my brain just won’t co-operate today and I don’t want to push myself too far and find I’ve burnt myself out for the start of a new term. So rather than making myself push on and work on Ansel Adams, I am now going to pack up and go out and see either Seven Psychopaths or Life of Pi with Djeli (can’t remember which one we decided on!). Happy evening, all!

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