A productive day

Apologies for the tedious title. Think I may scrap titles altogether when I redesign the site and just make ’em dates! No brain left though after a simply massive day with which to think of funky titles for a blog nobody reads!

I had my second viol consort session today. To start with I couldn’t remember anything at all, which was frustrating, but by the end I was coming along MUCH better, and am now resolved – and can’t wait – to start doing a little solo practice. Also, one of the treble viol beginners asked me to play some duets with her 😀 REALLY looking forward to that. It’s so nice playing in a group! Unfortunately we haven’t yet had funding confirmed for these sessions, so we’re just getting an occasional one to keep us moving forward for now.

I got some really good work done on Ansel Adams – after the previous post here today, I think I may have broken through the barrier, at least a little bit. Will listen again tomorrow and see.

And the other big triumph was that I took in the graphic score I made last night for Lines of Sight to run it by my performers and see if it totally freaked them out. It didn’t and actually came together really well. Some tweaks I need to make, and we’ve got a proper rehearsal for it on Friday morning prior to our big on-site rehearsal on Monday. I was supposed to re-do the score tonight, but have just been too done in and couldn’t make my brain work.

Had a listen through to Fear of Falling again after letting it lie for a couple of days. I think the ending still needs work, alas – it feels like it could do with an extra 10 or 15 seconds. Also, possibly something more interesting at the end, but it’ll do for now. Orchestration classes for both pieces tomorrow – eep! Must get to bed!

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