Advent Calendar: 8

Another quietish day today. After the party last night I again slept in extravagantly and being a little headachey ended up mostly thinking today. I spent some time thinking about what sort of form the Fourth Plinth piece’s score might take. The tricky thing with that one is that ideally it would be entirely performed from memory, but as there are so many pieces being done that night and the performers will have other things to do as well, actually asking them to memorise it would just be downright cruel, so somehow I need to come up with something simple and easily workable. Definitely requires more thought.

As I had to go into London this afternoon (all out of Monmouth coffee! DISASTER!) I figured that was a good chance to do some research for my Personal Project. I think I’ve pretty much settled on basing it around Cy Twombly’s Natural History mushroom series (or at least, I haven’t yet come up with a better plan) but I think I need to get back to some proper research to solidify my ideas and how to explain them in the proposal I need to hand in in January. This will probably entail a trip or two to the Tate Library next week to do some reading up on Twombly and Abstract Expressionism in general.

And I have my carol stuck in my head. It’s getting a bit annoying. Need to get back to work on the other pieces to banish it for a bit!

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