Thinking about whether to start this up as a daily thing again. Might be good for tracking my progress and thinking with my Masters degree, but I don’t want it to get in the way. Obviously, between degree work and renovation, I think it’s pretty much a given that I’ll be doing something creative – or at least constructive! – every day. Going to think about this. Might be good for the first few weeks at least – I know there’ll be a lot to process because there already has been and classes haven’t even started yet!

Tomorrow is my first proper class, a postgrad seminar. Not sure what to expect for that one. I’ve ordered the book it’s been suggested we own, Audio Culture by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner. I borrowed it from the library last week and have read the first 5 readings in it – including passages by Varèse, Feldman, Russolo and Cowell – which are forming an interesting argument. Someone else has requested this copy though, so I figured I might as well buy it because it’s not a book to rush through. It’s more of the ‘read a bit, think a bit, re-read’ ilk.

Today – as so many days – hasn’t gone quite to plan. Instead of finishing two client sites, I have started a new blog. Unintentional, I promise! I kind of got to a point today where I realised that this temporary non-kitchen thing isn’t going away any time soon, and if I’m to cope, I need to view it as an adventure instead of an inconvenience. So I’ve started a blog, Cook Without A Kitchen, which I’m hoping will help me track successes and failures that might be helpful for others in a similar boat, and which I’m also hoping will encourage me to try a bunch of new recipes and really push the capabilities of the limited kit I’ve got.

However, Ladders of Escape is continuing to build itself into a fairly substantial piece. I’m now partway through the second movement and the whole thing runs for about 4 1/2 minutes as of this afternoon. I’m back working with my usual methods and it’s all moving a lot better. It’s interesting though that I can see correspondences between the first and second movements, even though they’ve been written in such different ways.

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