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Yes, I slipped up. Well, first Djelibeybi slipped down the stairs and broke his toe. And after that things went all pear-shaped. I know it’s no excuse but with so much of this renovation hinged on his ability to do DIY and lug heavy things around my brain went a little melty for a couple of days and I just had to keep myself busy doing things with my hands that didn’t involve too much thinking. He also spent most of those days nested in the beanbag in my studio and after that we had D staying in my studio so I haven’t been able to get in here and let my brain roam free for 5 days. And when I did get in here yesterday after everyone (plumber, D, lunch guest) had gone I was feeling too stressed and queasy (from paint stripper fumes) to get anything done!

So yes, I have a big hole in my Creative Pact and I’m very very sorry. Yes, really!

Today, however, has been different. I’m back! I took a tar-free day and had hoped to get the first movement of Ladders of Escape actually finished but while I haven’t quite achieved that, I have tweaked the things I felt didn’t quite work in the rehearsal, made it considerably longer than it was and am plotting its progress towards the finish line and trying to think of what I’ll do for the second movement.

I’ve also pushed myself back to Lilies on the Silver Sea and written most of another segment. I think my goal with Lilies at the moment is just to do one segment a day until I feel I have enough to work with. I’m finding the octatonic scale I’ve mostly been using a little binding though – may break out of that soon, or try a variant. It’s just sounding a little sad and it wants to be more expansive.

So there we go. Some progress. Also a blog post written, a bunch of admin done, some flute practice and quite a few errands. Bring on tomorrow!

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