Real live notes!

I think this is going to be a short post today because I am absolutely wrecked after a huge day of house-related work and errands. It’s also been a lot of fun and I was unexpectedly able to tick “blackberrying” off my bucket list, which was awesome (and delicious).

Anyway, all that meant that I didn’t get to my Creative Pact stuff till quite late in the day, when I gave myself a sound talking to and decided that I really needed to work on some notes. So I dug out what I’d done a few months back on Ladders of Escape and played through it at the piano and added some more to it while I was there. I think I’m rather pleased with it, but I’m really not sure how it’s going to work on the recorders, especially given the number of 7ths/2nds involved. I’m a little concerned that the dissonances may not be as effective as they are in my brain.

Jennifer Mackerras from Pink Noise sent me their rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks and this Monday is one of only a few rehearsals that will have all four players present (ah the joy of holiday season) so I am thinking (although I haven’t run it past Jen yet!) that I might shunt what I’ve done into Finale and send it off to them to have a read through, if they’ve got space in the rehearsal for it because I think I just need to check whether my brain is imagining things right.

And, having written real live notes today, I find myself in a little bit of a quandry as regards this blog now because, while I have permission from both Jen and from Carla Rees to blog about the progress of their pieces, I also feel that I need to keep details a bit secret so that they get the chance to be presenting something genuinely shiny and new when they get their pieces. I need to think about how I’m going to do this without resorting to a succession of really dull posts along the lines of “Wrote a bit more of Ladders today. Didn’t get to Lilies“.

And no, I didn’t get to do anything really with Lilies on the Silver Sea today except think about it. In general I’m finding I’m resisting the whole putting-notes-down thing with both pieces – which is in part why I’ve made them the subject of my Creative Pact – I find myself dreaming up all sorts of things to avoid starting work. I think it’s the insecurity I’m feeling of working outside my normal workflow. I was inordinately pleased with myself just for taking out my notebook and playing through what I had of Ladders at the piano, so tomorrow I hope to start some real notes for Lilies. I did have some real notes before but they are the wrong real notes so I have ditched them 🙂 Small steps…

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