Edging forward

Been another rough day today – the aftermath of yesterday’s 5-mile walk combined with today’s painting, more paint fumes and 4 miles of walking kind of trashed me and I ended up zonked out in the beanbag at 5pm. Fortunately, though, I managed to resuscitate enough to – yes! – get onto some Creative Pact work.

From an adminny standpoint, I received a tweet from Carla saying she’s perfectly happy to work with a tape part, so that’s definitely on the food-for-thought agenda. I also set in motion plans to go to Bristol to attend a Pink Noise rehearsal, which I’m rather excited about.

And I did more notes too, this time with less trouble than yesterday, so I’ve now made a solid (I hope!) start on Lilies on the Silver Sea. I think I’ve worked out an approach but I hesitate to say for sure until I get a bit further into it. Just pleased to be getting notes down, exploring ideas and hopefully working my way to getting more confident with this way of working.

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