A day off (sort of)

Today has been my designated day off so I don’t have a lot to report – the past week at the house has really done me in both physically and emotionally and while I’m hugely pleased with the work we’ve done, I just really needed a break and a change of perspective.

This doesn’t mean I abandoned Creative Pact entirely though. I knew that Pink Noise were going to be looking at the beginning of Ladders of Escape tonight so I didn’t really want to forge ahead with that too much in case it was a disaster (recording to come but it would seem it hasn’t been a disaster) but I did take another look at what I’d written the other day for Lilies on the Silver Sea and I think I’m quite happy with it. I played through it on my (closed-hole C) flute and experimented a bit with pushing and pulling the notes into the quarter-tone zone and I think this is the approach I’m going to stick with. It feels much more natural and fluid than when I was trying to write the quarter-tones in as I went along.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit more forward momentum, although I suspect I won’t get too much done at the house – still aching all over!

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