Yesterday was notable for getting very little done on RPM. I started trying to write a piece for piano, then when that proved too much for me, switched to trombone which was equally difficult. All of which eventually culminated in me taking myself off to the Emergency Room at Hammersmith Hospital where the doctor said that, yes, I had managed to properly concuss myself but that it wasn’t serious. I will be without my brain for a couple of days apparently. Talk about appalling timing! I don’t HAVE a couple of days to spare right now! End of the month, sure! But now? Aaargh!

Anyway, there’s nothing much to be done about it, so I’ve been trying to do some thinking and listening and get things sorted in my head for when I’m capable of stringing notes together again. I’ve come up with an idea for the slide guitar piece which is a bit of a variation on the one I didn’t tell you anything about a couple of days ago. I think this may work, assuming I can battle Logic to do what I want. The inspiration for this one is one of Josh Davis’ Praystation machines. That is all I will say 🙂

I sent off the first email to my lovely commissioners, just to wave and send contact details and let them know what’s on the final list of instruments, really. Now I need to work out whether there’s an easy way I can set up for them to send over their recordings. Will investigate whether I can do this via Dropbox or first, then might have to resort to FTP. Wonder if I can do a website form that will FTP a file to a designated spot. That would be nice & easy. Hmm.

In other news, I spent about half an hour today switching over my comments system here and on to use Disqus instead of Intense Debate. Intense Debate’s been bugging me because the layout onscreen is pretty messy, although the options are quite good, and to clear out the spam folder I need to deactivate the plugin, which is just plain stupid. My friend Jen has Disqus on her Tumblr blog and in using it this morning I was impressed how tidy the experience was, so I’ve shifted. And hopefully it will make commenting a more joyful experience. In doing so I discovered that at the moment I seem to working to a ratio of 30 minutes work to 3 hours napping. Productivity joy.

Hoping I’ll be able to start thinking more in terms of notes tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. So sorry to hear about the concussion! I am, frankly, astonished that you kept going and got as much done as you did. I would have been under the duvet.

    And I’m glad to have been the catalyst for site improvements, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jen! It’s just so frustrating. I’ve been so fired up to work on RPM and then this happens. But vague thinking and listening have really been all I’ve been capable of, alas – TV makes my head ache, reading ceases to be enjoyable after about 5 minutes because of brain incapacity and headache. And I never thought napping could become boring!

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