Teaching and tweaking

Today was my second lesson as a composition teacher. It seemed to go pretty well. Student seemed quite pleased. Let’s hope I can build on this 🙂

Plus I’ve been tweaking the layout of the score for Diabolus, which is due tomorrow (email deadline, thank heavens). No more note tweaks now, just moving things about and trying to make a custom… thingy… to indicate that a note starts out with vibrato but ends up with no vibrato. Not as easy as it would seem in Finale.

Still no student card though. I had the day ALL PLANNED. I was going to go out to my lesson, then come back and head straight to TVU. However, as soon as I left my student’s house I was attacked by a cloud of building dust which zoomed straight into my left eye, and didn’t all remove itself until about 6pm. I figured one red weepy eye was not a good look for a student card photo, so that’s back on the list for tomorrow.

Had a bit of a listen to some Barber songs tonight too. Thinking about Dover Beach as a possible model for instrumentation (tenor + string quartet) for the new piece. Also thinking about whether it might be possible to use some of The Compleat Angler for the text. Gosh I love that book. Yes, it’s all about fish, but the prose is just so beautiful. I’ve wanted to use it for something for ages. Maybe I could pick just one fish. Maybe I could have minimal text and use the voice as an instrument. Once I have my student card I will see if TVU has a copy in the library – mine’s in storage in Sydney, so that’s not much use

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