Tonight I did something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time but have been a little nervous to leap into, being, as I am, not a naturally cool, hip and groovy person but more of an uncertain, clumsy and not-very-fashion-conscious creature. Tonight I went to Nonclassical, the new music club night which has been around in London for quite some time. And am I glad I did? OMG AWESOME! Just amazing, inspiring, music-high incredibleness!

I went along because it was the launch night for Tansy Davies’ new CD Troubairitz and as she was my tutor at Durham I wanted to be there and say hi and revel in the awesomeness. And what a brilliant night! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to the bitter end because that would have meant night bus home from Liverpool Street and messed up the whole of tomorrow, which, being a premiere day, is not advisable, but just loved what I heard. And of course I got the CD 🙂

A funny thing too: Saw Matthew Schlomowitz there! He was at the Sydney Con at the same time I was at Sydney Uni. Not sure if he’d remember me – probably not – and I didn’t get around to saying hello anyway because by the time I was sure it was him he was surrounded and being congratulated on the performance of his (most excellent) piece which was played in the first set of the evening. Really great to hear what he’s doing now though – looking forward to hearing more.

But I DEFINITELY want to go to Nonclassical again – exactly the sort of music I love and the vibe is so relaxed and awesome. Absolutely brilliant.

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