Singing and cursing

Not in that order! I finally pulled out my convoluted setup for recording stuff into Pro Tools this afternoon. Because I don’t have a proper microphone, this entails plugging my mini mic into the MiniDisc player, finding an expendable MD disc to put in the player, hitting pause & record, plugging the MD player into the Mbox, then the Mbox into the computer, then starting up Pro Tools and hoping everything finds where it should be without any trouble. Which it didn’t. Of course. And it took much grumbling and muttering and rude things said before I worked out that I had the wrong cable, then waited for Djelibeybi to get home from the gym to pull down his Big Bag of Cables and fish out the right one. But I got there in the end! YAY! And I even worked out comping to do multiple takes, one after the other which can then be patched together, which actually made a big difference. Not so much with the patching as with just being able to keep on singing and so generally improve my confidence and let my voice warm up over three or four takes. Very handy.

The result of which is that I have a rough but usable recording of my Three Whitman Songs very nearly ready to go. And just as well – the opera workshop thingy I need it to apply for is due on Monday, which means I need to get the whole thing in the post tomorrow, or first thing Thursday at the very latest, given Thursday’s root canal extravaganza.

I also did Day 3 of my JavaScript course, which was pretty good. Looking forward to really playing round with some proper code tomorrow.

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