Quiet day of big things

Very tired today after the weekend. Not entirely sure why. Guess the nightmare didn’t help. Anyway, so I’ve had a quiet day today and yet achieved some stuff:

Most significantly, I’ve launched myself onto SoundCloud with four audio files to start with: Thickets, Deconstruct: Point, line, plane, Egg the Tenth and the Satie Chanson arrangement, neither of the last two ever having been online before. I’m pretty pleased with it. What I’m not so pleased with is the fact that I went back through a bunch of pieces looking for stuff to post and in the course of doing so listened to quite a lot of the stuff I’ve written in the last ten years, and am a little depressed to discover that much of it is rubbish. What I’ve written in the last couple of years I’m quite pleased with, but there’s a lot of dross in there that shouldn’t ever see the light of day. Trivial without really being amusing or unimaginative without being particularly satisfying, for the most part. Fortunately it seems that most of it hasn’t been listed on the website either, but I don’t think I’ll bother to salvage any of it. It is relegated to the folder marked “stuff I had to write to get as good as I’ve got, however good that may be”. Shame. And a little depressing. But it’s still quite a good thing to discover. And there were a number of things in there that I actually AM quite pleased with still and want to do something with.

I’ve also posted a new blog post, which I wrote the other day but kept back so as not to flood people’s twitter streams and so on 🙂 Why I’m not applying for my dream job. I posted it with the WordPress scheduled posting option, which seems to have worked well. Now I’m testing out scheduling the tweet to announce it (3.30pm UK time so as to hopefully catch Americans at their desks too).

And I’ve done some more work on the 1-minute violin piece. It’s getting better. Tweaking away. I’m quite pleased with it, although I don’t think it’ll be a favourite piece when it’s done, but it’s all a bit of an experiment and it’s gradually growing into itself. Hoping I can finish it this week. The poetry book I ordered as the first step towards writing the libretto of the Richard III opera also turned up, so I’ve started reading that a bit. It does seem to be VERY much for children, but others have found it useful. Suspect I’ll need to follow it up with another volume though, thinking it might be Writing Poems by Peter Sansom, which is published by Bloodaxe, a poetry press my father has the highest regard for – sounds interesting. But first to read through the Ted Hughes I have.

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