Hiding in a cave

I think everyone has days where they just want to hide in a cave from all the world. Some of us more than others. Today was just such a day. Last night the horrible nightmares returned. While this in itself isn’t a good thing, it’s a sign that my creative brain is up and running, which is a good thing and better than it being in a slump. But the nightmares totally wreck me for anything creative the next day, which of course is not a good thing, and as the only way to make the nightmares go away is to be creative and work through stuff, I think you begin to see my dilemma. Anyway, today was worse than usual and resulted in a more-than-usually strong cave-dwelling desire, but my to-do list wagged its finger and said ‘no cave for you’ so I had to find something to do that I could face…

Finances! This may seem a strange thing to do in the face of cave-dwelling, but in fact it makes perfect sense – my brain didn’t want to think about new stuff, didn’t want to be strained in any way, and finances is primarily putting numbers in boxes, so it fitted really well. And when I discovered that I hadn’t caught up on them since October, I was very glad I had. Things are clearer now. And I moved some money about so it will make me more interest, which has to be a good thing, eh?

I also faced down one of the to-dos on my list that I’ve been dodging since… erm… September, which was to wrap up a friend’s birthday and Christmas presents ready to send them to Australia. I have drawn her a Mr Pickleberry in compensation for their excessive lateness, so I hope she forgives me.

Mr Pickleberry brings a present

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