First lesson!

I won’t dwell on this morning because it was uniformly awful – sleep deprivation, dental pain, an aggressive phone call, all followed by a dark cloud.

But this evening was great! I had my first lesson at TVU – a 45-minute which somehow lasted for an hour and a half. My tutor is great – really easy to talk to and interesting. And he seemed to like my music and gave me some really interesting feedback – some very interesting ideas not just fluffy cheerfulness. It does seem, though, that TVU is a little uncertain as to what this course actually is… well, I guess we’ll work it out as we go along. Sounds like the weekly 2-hour Composition Workshop that TVU runs for their degree students may be included in the parcel though, and quite probably access to the library too. Woot! All in all, a joyous start and I’m really looking forward to carrying on. Huzzah!

Oh, and the violin piece continues to quietly improve. I think it’s nearly there… just a leeeetle more tweaking…

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