A daytrip to the British Museum

That pretty much sums it up. Took the lovely sister-in-common-law and nephew-in-common-law to the British Museum where we visited a bunch of my favourite things: The massive Assyrian wing├Ęd horse-man gatekeeper statues, the Easter Island head, the Tree of Life in the African section (the one made out of guns) and the fabulous knives near it. I think the only one of my favourites we didn’t visit was the Isle of Lewis chessmen, but that’s OK. I also found a new fave in the Egyptian section – a colossal scarab:

Colossal scarab

In the evening I introduced the nephew-in-common-law to ebelskivers with lemon curd and extra-thick double cream. They seemed to be well received. Then after his bedtime, his mama and I talked web stats and SEO into the wee hours of the morning which was great – it helped her see where she can improve some stuff and also helped to clarify my thoughts a bit about where I want my shiny new business to go. Thinking that ultimately I probably would prefer to ditch the code and act more as a consultant, teaching other devs and designers what they need to do to help their clients. It would help the clients and it would also help to spread the word about web standards and various best-practice … um… practices. Win-win really. I think that’s a little way off yet though.

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