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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I’ve been a bit quiet over Christmas – and it’s certainly not that I haven’t been creative! I’ve baked (cakes & biscuits), cooked (smoked salmon ebelskivers!), I’ve knitted (finished my mother’s chenille scarf!), I’ve been to the movies (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Pt 1) and the panto (Peter Pan, with The Hoff as Captain Hook!) and agreed with Djelibeybi on a new layout for the study that hopefully will work for both of us. In fact I was so busy being creative and looking after guests that I didn’t have time to get anywhere near the computer! Now things are calming down a little though, so back to it…

Today I went to Sussex with my parents to visit the village of Warbleton, where my mother’s ancestors came from. We were hoping to find some of them in the churchyard, but unfortunately, being New Year’s Day, the trains were running to a Sunday timetable, somebody somewhere gave us some wrong information and it ended up taking us FOUR AND A HALF HOURS to get there. When I say that it took a mere two and a half to get home again, I think you’ll see what I mean. At any rate, it was a gloomy day to start with and by the time we got there it was 3pm so we repaired to the local pub for a lovely lunch of sandwiches and salad, but by the time we were done the light was mostly gone. And when we realised there were no ancestors to be found my mama suddenly realised that they were chapel people. I think I saw another graveyard with a building that could have been a chapel beside it, but I think we’ll have to go back in the summer to be sure! Lovely village though, and in spite of the travel dramas, a nice way to spend my last day with the parents.

Lovely too, to come home to hot takeaway pizza and Mary Poppins 🙂 and I made lemon-curd-filled ebelskivers for pudding – most excellent!

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