Urgh Ikea…

Still no better, but it had to be done so we hired a car and steeled ourselves and toddled off to Ikea. Mission? To buy a tablecloth, vase and a couple of picture frames. We came home with a tablecloth (not the one we intended – they’d sold out of that one), a vase, 18 glasses, a pitcher, a recycling bin, a wall clock for the kitchen, some red boxes to organise messy crap, and a railing to put up in the pantry. Um. Well, that’s Ikea for you. Oh, and 2 bottles of lingonberry cordial and another 2 of elderflower cordial.

So it wasn’t entirely the plan, but I have to say that the results have been awesome. Finally the flat is starting to look lived in rather than camped in! The clock, red boxes and railing have almost transformed the kitchen/pantry area. Neater, more stylish, more loved-looking. And we got the hall clear too so at last I can vacuum properly! And the plastic recycling is neatly encased in its new box and so isn’t flopping about in front of the bookcase. Exciting!

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