A frustrating day today. The quintet has basically stalled. I thought yesterday’s late-night work might have put it on the right track, but while it feels a little more solid, it’s also a little less exciting. Today I spent some time listening over to both versions and tinkering and not really getting anywhere and I’m just not quite sure how to proceed now. I suspect my brain is a little frazzled – it’s been feeling a bit overwhelmed by a houseful of people for about a week now, so it was good to have a quiet day in spite of frazzleness. After the failed attempt at writing, I applied Nico Muhly to my ears (Mothertongue) and caught up on his (fabulous) blog while I listened, the combination of which made me somewhat less twitchy. I didn’t quite get out to the V&A, which was my original plan, but I did eventually pull on my furry bear-jacket and head out to the shops, where I treated myself to the latest issue of BBC Music Magazine and a little chocolate. Then more Muhly (Speaks Volumes) on my return, all of which helped improve the frazzle immensely. Hoping for a more sane day tomorrow…

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