Forward momentum

At last! After a couple of weeks of the quintet being stalled, I’ve finally pushed it forward a bit. I made myself sit down and review the themes and figures that have been used for the earlier parts and realised that a bunch of related figures might actually work all piled up on top of one another – and lo! they do! Not entirely sure where it’s heading for next. Hoping that will come clear tomorrow. May have to be a little disciplined and go all pomodoro on it for a bit in order to keep it moving forward.

I’ve also put in a big push today to get my to-do lists in order. I’ve ticked off about 8 things from my list and done a bit of clean-up. I’d been hearing about this iPhonePod app called Epic Win – a to-do list masquerading as a role-playing game. You complete chores to earn points. Very cool concept, so I’m giving it a go – not for my overall lists because they’re too complex and I need to be able to categorise them in more detail than Epic Win allows, but I’ve moved all the regular but dull and not critical tasks out of  Remember The Milk and into Epic Win to (a) encourage me to actually do them (stuff like reconciling accounts and downloading bank statements) and (b) stop them cluttering up my other lists so much that I can’t see what I’m doing. Crossing fingers it works well. I’d really like to be able to just have one manageable to-do list but it doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon. Got to just keep plugging away at it, I guess.

And now it’s time to bake 🙂

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