Taking a walk down memory lane

Baked some brownies tonight to take to work tomorrow for my second-last day (because a bunch of lovely colleagues won’t be in on Friday) and while I was waiting for them to bake, I found a link to a video of a live performance by Tripod posted to YouTube. Which of course set me off watching a bunch of other Tripod videos, which ultimately got me thinking that I hadn’t seen any Doug Anthony All Stars clips in far, far, far too long. Which I quickly rectified. And so should you (Disclaimer: not if you’re a sensitive person, a PC person, in any way likely to be offended by pretty much anything. Oh, and if you’re at work, it might be best to give them a wide berth too… genius, but nobody ever said genius needed to be tasteful! That said, this one’s pretty tame for them…): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71cEL7v1WGc&feature=related. To give a little context, these guys were HUGE back when I was at school. They used to be on every week on a stand-up programme called The Big Gig. Invariably childish and offensive, invariably brilliant. Great voices, stupid jokes. (I loved them so much, I even took to wearing a tiny plait in my hair in homage to Paul </confession> so it’s fabulous to find they’re just as funny as they ever were)

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