Shopping as a creative act

Well it is when you’re buying a domain name for your Creative Pact project! This particular item has, I believe, sat on my to-do list for 4 years:

* Buy

and just a minute ago I got to tick the ‘done’ checkbox. YAAAYYY! So now that domain is mine for the next 5 years and will shortly be ready for me to post fabulous HTML 5 content to.

Haven’t got that much else done really, though. I finished the chapter on HTML 5 forms (amazing!) at some crazy hour of the morning and haven’t read any more today because have been distracted by a multitude of other things today, but I’ll be back to it tomorrow, no doubt.

Oh, and late last night I managed to import the rest of the web stencils into OmniGraffle, and was therefore able to make my wireframes look much nicer and more professional 🙂


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