More content and a tea-based revelation

Got another clutch of content pages done this evening – for the pieces Remembrances of half-forgotten dead people, Deconstruct: Point, line, plane, Egg the Fifth and the Satie Chanson arrangement. I suspect there’s going to need to be a LOT of work done on these – linking in cover images, PDFs and sound files properly, to start with, once I get home. Planning on hiding in my study for the first couple of days back in London to get through everything. Although time’s a bit tight, I’m determined to send this site live on the 30th of September – because I know what I’m like – otherwise I’ll procrastinate and procrastinate and it’ll never go live, which would rather defeat the purpose of all this work!

In non-Creative Pact news (sorry for crushing the posts together, but my Internet connection here is VERY flaky and needs to be reset after every gap in use – spend more than about 10 seconds without actively clicking or uploading and the connection dies!) today involved a major culinary revelation. I had resolved to entirely avoid Mariage Frères tea shops, in spite of the intense interest of the fairly-recent tea-convert that I am, on the grounds that I didn’t want to try it, fall in love with it… and then move back to Australia where I have seen it for sale at $170 a tin. But it snuck up on me. Marriage Frères have a little shop lying in wait for the unwary, in the middle of Galeries LaFayette’s homewares store. I said I was just going to look at the beautiful array of tins, but then I found a vanilla tea and, having been liking the concept but not that thrilled with the execution of Lipton’s vanilla tea which was in residence in the cupboard of the flat we’re staying in when we arrived, I couldn’t resist having a sniff. O.M.G. Then I discovered that it was a mere €10, even though it came in a lovely black tin (I use the word ‘mere’ in the context of $170 a tin, obviously not in the context of Tetley’s from Tesco). How could I resist? The smell is amazing and the flavour, when we tried it, was glorious – a beautiful balance of vanilla and black tea, neither overpowering the other, and absolutely none of that tanniney aftertaste you get with normal tea. Absolute heaven. A little worried I may feel compelled to go back and buy a refill pack before we leave to make sure I don’t run out before the next Paris trip, but I should face the expense of the pain de mie tin first… Baking-shop expedition tomorrow 🙂

Accidental purchase

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