First-ever sushi-train experience

It seems quite hard to believe, really, that I’ve never experienced a sushi train before. They always intimidated me a bit because I’m not terribly familiar with Japanese food, plus I’m a fussy eater, so grabbing random dishes without really knowing what they are kind of put me off a little. But it was great! We ordered a dish each of chicken katsu, and pulled a few random things off the train (unidentifiable squishy balls of… something, some salmon teriyaki, a raw fish and broccolini thing, custard-filled pancakes with raspberry sauce and a little fruit salad) – most enjoyable!

Afterwards we wandered through Hyde Park with the World’s Best Ex-Boss chatting about this, that and the other – old friends, web CMSes we have known, HTML 5 and mobile web dev, among other topics. Really perked me up.

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