Chipping away

And now will come a series of posts that will be, frankly, a bit dull. Feel free to tune out for a few days 🙂 Because today I started loading in content in earnest, which is mostly cut’n’paste with the occasional text tweak, code clean (found an ancient I tag!!!) or shifting something, such as a cover image, from the main content area to the right column. Today I made files from the templates for all the individual work pages and copied full content across for Pieces of Eight, The blood feud and catharsis (started in the middle, then thought it might be easiest to work in alphabetical order). I’m pretty pleased with how it’s looking, although score covers in the right column I think may need a review, both semantically and visually.

In compensation, for the dullness, here is a photo of the patisserie goodies we had for pudding:

Pudding :)

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