More work on the Whitman songs

Looked at the first song again today and fixed up the accompaniment a bit. It felt a bit strange trying to get back into the soundworld of it because the accompaniment is really quite ‘straight’ whereas the vocal line is more like my usual style with peculiar accidentals everywhere. I had a listen too to the two-part inventions I wrote just before I started this, which helped quite a bit and reminded me that I really like those pieces and should get back to laying them out and publishing them properly. Doing some nice MIDI recordings of them too (must install Garritan Personal Orchestra again). So once that was done, I went through both songs and pulled a couple of snippets out to use as a base for thinking about the piano part which will make up the greater part of the third song (only a line or two of text to work with there and I want to balance out the total lack of accompaniment in the second song) so I hooked the laptop up to the piano and doodled about for a bit, gleaning a quite nice rhythmic/harmonic fragment which I think could become useful… at some point in the future.

Oh, and I also got to the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark in Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii – go me!

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