Made a full Christmas dinner!

Nigella Lawson spiced turkey (fabulous recipe) with allspice gravy, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic, River Cottage Brussels sprouts done in garlic butter (very fine but perhaps not the best match with the spiced turkey – I think the Nigella pecan sprouts might have worked better in context), Nigella soy and sweet chilli chipolatas, followed by ris a l’amande with hot cherry sauce and the chocolate chip and cranberry biscuits I made yesterday. We also made an awesome mulled wine and a fantastic non-alcoholic drink called a Xmas Xinger, containing pomegranate juice and ginger ale (both from Nigella’s Christmas – yes, it was very much a Nigella year – I did get the book for last Christmas!). Guests seemed to be happily stuffed by the end of it, so a good result all round.

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