Waiting for Godot

WOW. That was pretty much the best theatrical experience of my entire life. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Simon Callow. So I guess that’s really not that surprising, but… WOW! Unfortunately I’ve not been acquainted with Ronald Pickup’s previous work – but I will be making an effort to seek it out after his fabulous performance as Lucky. The Guardian seem to think that the performance lacked in showing the darkness of the play, but I felt that overall it was really well handled. But I guess, having read it at uni, I’m pretty aware of the darker aspects of it – what I’d missed on the page was how funny it can be. We laughed and laughed – but the hilarity was still tempered by the deeper issues on display. Absolute genius.

I think I agree more with The Independent’s review, BTW. I particularly like the remark about one character speaking in minims and the other in crotchets. It does seem valid for this performance – McKellan’s Estragone being slower-paced a little more thoughtful than Stewart’s rather chattier Vladimir. Fabulous stuff. It’s over now though. Sorry 🙁

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