Yesterday morning we took djeli’s lovely niece off to the airport at 5.30 in the morning (*ugh*) to see her off on the next leg of her gap year trip – 3 months in India. And now we have the house to ourselves for the foreseeable future – I think for the first time this year, which feels AMAZING. So we’re launching ourselves into a programme of sorting ourselves out.

Djeli has reclaimed his office, but this time has put his desk along the wall beside the window, instead of with his back to it and it looks a much more comfortable working space for him. The sofa-chair-bed is, for the first time in I can’t remember how long, folded up into its chair configuration and the room feels really welcoming now.

I’ve got my own desk back, which isn’t perfect, but at least the junk all over it will be all mine. I am rapidly accumulating a rather long list of things I want/need to buy to either make my working environment more comfortable or help me continue working on my own stuff when I’m out of the house (in particular when I have to take on another contract job in September): a lamp, a cushion because the chair I’m using is really too low, an iPod Touch so I can compose and catch up on my read/review file on the go, and so I’ll have (finally!) a numeric keypad to make using Finale easier, not to mention a control for our about-to-be-set-up music server. This is the cushion I want to get – it matches the gorgeous apron my mama bought me while she was here:

Oh, and a flute of course – I’ve had to give djeli’s sister back hers and now I’m missing it badly 🙁 And then there’s the software upgrades – there’s always more software upgrades – Snow Leopard when it comes out, Pro Tools, because the version I have doesn’t seem to play nicely with Leopard, Finale because my version is 4 years old and frankly rather a crappy iteration.

And we have so many projects to work on! I don’t have time to get a job! This week I’m back on the film score, but still working on a couple of secret squirrels with more lining up. I think I need to review everything I’m trying to start and relegate some of them to the Someday/Maybe list!

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