Walked up the Wrekin

We didn’t actually intend to go to the top – we sort of expected that at some point the track would do a sharp turn straight up the hill at which point we’d say in unison “bugger that, I’m not a mountain goat!” and turn around, but it didn’t, it just kept winding and climbing, but a good track and while tiring and not many moments of relenting, it wasn’t a hard path to follow, so by the time we’d got halfway it seemed downright wussy to turn around, so to the top we went… where we found an absolute gale blowing, plus two work friends of djelibeybi’s who we promptly invited to dine with us at the Shakespeare pub tomorrow night. The view would have been spectacular… if the entire country hadn’t been covered in mist. The wind truly was spectacular. At one point I had to cling to the trig marker while djeli told me all about how it worked.

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