Learnt a lot about bricks and rocking horses and other things

We spent the afternoon at Blist’s Hill Victorian Town which is one of those recreation-village type things, but this one was way way better than any other I’ve been to. Whereas Old Sydney Town was basically populated with random people in costumes, this one actually has real live craftspeople, and the town makes a sideline living out of making bricks and rooftiles and rocking horses and so on. Many of the things for sale – from hot cross buns, to postcards and little plaster plaques, are made onsite using Victorian methods. The printer not only prints postcards, but also bags for the other shops, money envelopes for the bank and handbills to go in the shop windows. The draper’s sells bonnets which are sewn by the woman running the shop. The whole thing was fascinating and very well done. AND there was egg dancing 🙂 Altogether a tip-top day out.

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