Found a fabulous new online tool

Thanks to a recommendation by kitty I have been set on the path to being a hard-core Evernote user. Wow, what a neat little tool. I’ve spent the past few days sampling many of the assorted apps out there that claim to make implementing GTD in your life a breeze, and have found pretty much all of them to be inadequate in some way. iGTD is the most promising, but it’s a local app – not online – and not available for the PC, which means I can’t download it so that I have a matching system set up for when I’m at work. Most of the online versions are far too expensive for my meagre budget and the cheaper/free ones tend not to offer any sort of useful file storage, which means I can’t use them for keeping my general reference digital files at hand wherever I am.

Enter Evernote. I can email things in, including PDF and image attachments to Evernote and it will make a new note for me containing everything in the email (if I upgrade, and I just might, I’ll be able to upload any sort of attachment at all), everything is searchable, including text within images, I can categorise my files and add in random 1-line notes or lists, I can snip bits of webpages and file them in there along with the URL of where I found them, and add a note in too on whatever content I found there.

So, in short, I think I may have found my Trusted System – for the time being at least: my trusty Remember the Milk GTD setup (needs an overhaul, but that’s OK) plus Evernote for filing that reference material away. YAY! I feel better already 😀

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