Knitted my first little hat!

For the Innocent “Big Knit” charity drive – they ask people to knit tiny hats, which then get put onto their smoothie bottles – for every smoothie with a little hat sold, Innocent and Sainsbury’s give 50p to a charity which helps to keep old people warm in the winter. As a marketing idea, it’s genius. The hats are cute, they encourage knitters to give free rein to their creativity to come up with all sorts of things and have fun doing it, both the company and the charity get a nice wodge of publicity and the end-user gets a tasty drink and a cute hand-knitted hat (uses I’ve seen/heard about: Christmas decorations, keyrings. I’m sure there’s more!). Anyway, I’ve made my first one, which is blue/green variegated cotton with a little stalk at the top. Photos to come once I’ve sewn it up

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