Did a little collage

in my composition book – I wanted to keep a page out of the Millais exhibition notes, on his stunning portrait of Louise Joplin, but it looked too plain against the paper, so I found some old dark-green tissue paper and stuck that over the page last night, then today added in the page and part of the cover to remind myself of where I’d found it. Looks much better than if plain.

2 thoughts on “Did a little collage

  1. Greetings! Why don’t you post photos of your collage and journal posts? Maybe you do, and I’m just daft?!? Love that you’re doing something creative everyday!
    All my best, K.

  2. Thanks, Kathy! I guess I hadn’t really expected anyone to be that interested! But it’s a good idea – would liven things up a little, so maybe I’ll add some more in here and there. A lot of the photos and some of the drawings do go up on http://flickr.com/photos/minim/.

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