Solved a curly coding conundrum

I don’t usually consider my dayjob as creative, although I guess it really is. I suppose that most often, while creativity is required to do it well, I don’t feel like I’ve really achieved something terribly creative. And possibly today’s achievement wasn’t either, but it made me feel like it was, which is what really matters. I reworked some code I’d cobbled together when I first started at LBi, back when the concept of work was still pretty new, and while it functioned OK and tested fine, I wasn’t happy with it and I suspected that margins and things were out of whack when compared to the original PSDs. So I fixed it. And had so much fun fixing it and solving the problems I’d had (principally with getting IE6 to correctly display negative margins) that I even worked all the way through lunch and stayed back till 7ish, even though pretty much everyone in the office went off to the staff party at 3.30. But I’m pleased with what I achieved, and I think it’ll make me more comfortable with the rest of the project, so that’s A Good Thing

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