10 things to be grateful for in 2023

This year I am grateful…

  1. for djelibeybi, who continues to be ever-patient, understanding and loving in spite of my many freak-outs this year
  2. that I made it to Australia to spend Christmas with my parents and J’s sons
  3. for my  supervisors, who have been so incredibly supportive and helpful in helping me through all the messes of the year and my need to push back my submission date
  4. for my dayjob and my boss, who is keen to help me develop my research and creative practice, and which gives me so much scope to take the time I need to work on my thesis and Bastards work
  5. for J’s job carrying on, which has allowed us to throw a smegtonne of cash at things to keep us as warm as possible, while having no boiler
  6. that I took charge of my health (at least somewhat) this year, first with the personal training over the summer, which set me up for gymming later on
  7. for the evil plumbers who have kept us without a boiler with zero communication for over 9 weeks (& no end in sight at this point) – while that’s been horrible, stressful, distracting and has contributed to my needing to defer my submission, it did force us to sort out thermal curtains, additional heating, forced me to buy the cosy clothes I had trouble justifying earlier, and which made us join a gym for showers which has turned out to be a more affordable way to maintain the benefits of the (not so affordable) personal training.
  8. for Bastard Assignments’ achievements this year – sorting our our own multi-partner commission, getting a place at Bijloke Summer Academy (and making the most of our time there), getting some good work done on KIN, and overall developing a more professional outlook, I think, which I expect will all yield good results.
  9. for my writing support team – first, HM with whom I spent many happy hours in the Open Scores Lab ‘writing group’, and then – after his submission – the lovely community of the Postgraduate Research Hub on Discord
  10. for games as a way to keep sane – Zelda Breath of the Wild, Timberborn, Book of Hours – and the people who’ve recommended them – D & H for BOTW, B for Timberborn and J on the PGRH for Book of Hours.

and a bonus gratitude mention for Obsidian, which makes work of all sorts so much more efficient and enjoyable.

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