CP2016 – Day 19: Not good

Uh, so part of yesterday’s messing about with the replacement piece involved recording it. But on listening back to it today, it is absolute and utter shit. A 17th-rate relative of this piece of awesomeness from Josh which he had in our last gig at the same venue last year:

Plays with Horsehair from Bastard Assignments on Vimeo.

And I knew there were shades of Plays with Horsehair in there, but of course I don’t want to be 17th-rate Josh, I want to be 1st-rate me. Which this totally isn’t. There are some good sounds in there but the whole thing is just disaster and horror. Overly simplistic and banal mixed with the very beginnings of some interesting sounds that I just have no time to develop into something actually decent, especially with lacking any sort of decent concentration skills due to overall stress levels.

So I’m not sure yet what to do. Today I feel like I can’t do anything with this material, but maybe tomorrow will bring forth a miracle? In the meantime I’m listening to Chrissie’s suggestion of Furchick for music made with toys and there’s some cool stuff in here. Cross fingers for inspiration pls?

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