Wardrobe Architect 3: Shapes

The next Wardrobe Architect instalment is focused on standardised clothing shapes – what length/fullness of skirt? How fitted do I like my tops? What sort of sleeves and necklines? That sort of thing. No huge suprises in here although a few things that I realise I actually haven’t tried and possibly should.

YES to

  • maxi skirts
  • skirts that finish either just above or below the knee
  • tops/bodices that are in the middle range of somewhat fitted/somewhat loose
  • cardigans on the loose side
  • outerwear on the somewhat fitted side
  • Skirts that are A-line, or moderately full or straight (not extreme at either end)
  • with a definite preference for everything to sit on my natural waist (exception for outerwear which might have no waist)

NO to

  • Anything that falls to mid-calf, whether skirts, dresses or trousers
  • Anything cropped (although I may have to reassess this another time as I shrink)
  • Anything with a dropped waist or high waist

The things I have yet to really try on me (i.e. to make them up in such a way that they actually fit me rather than going by the have-to-not-fit-somewhere options in the shops) are:

  • mid-thigh length dresses and pants – could be quite flattering, I suspect?
  • tunic-length tops – much like shift dresses, the ones in the shops need to swim around me to fit around the bust tightly, which obscures my figure
  • dresses – because I’ve hardly ever been able to find dresses that fit, I don’t really know what I think about wearing them
  • no-waistline dresses – I’m seeing so many nice shift and sack dresses around on such a variety of figures that I’m beginning to wonder whether something in a soft fabric without a waistline might actually work. Or at least work with a belt 😀

I’ve finally traced and cut out the pattern for the wrap skirt. Now debating whether to do the lining or not (it’s optional in the pattern). My mother thinks I can get away without lining it as it’s not a very lightweight fabric and I’m planning to shrink out of it fairly soon. I guess this can be a lesson garment too, perhaps – make it without a lining and see if it annoys the hell out of me when I start wearing it with tights come autumn! Trying very hard today to not give in to Indiesew’s 20% off tank tops pattern sale. There’s a cowl neck tank with multiple sleeve versions there for only $5.95 (= £3.60 at the sale price) – tempted… tempted but I already have a few patterns backed up… Must. Be. Good.

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